Treatment area

The balneology and water treatment area comprises an underwater remedial physical therapy pool, sauna, bathtubs and tangentor, Vichy shower, Turkish bath, etc. 

The physiotherapy zone is equipped with facilities for light and electrical treatment, psychotherapy, lye treatment and a laser treatment room. 

The procedures include group and individual remedial gymnastics, underwater gymnastics, partial and whole-body massages, etc.

A room for speech therapy sessions is also available.

The total number of procedures offered is over 100.

The hospital’s medical teams provide 24-hour medical surveillance.    


The complex specialises in recreation and treatment of the following conditions and diseases:
Nervous system

  • Conditions resulting from cerebrovascular accidents – stroke
  • Functional neurological conditions
  • Peripheral neurological conditions – radiculitis, plexopathy, discopathy
  • Skull and brain traumas


Cardiovascular system

  • All stages of artery disease of the heart
  • Heart conditions resulting from heart attacks
  • Valvular heart disease – inherent and acquired
  • Heart rhythm and conduction disorders
  • Conditions resulting from heart surgeries – valve prosthetics, aortocoronary bypass
  • Cardiovascular insufficiency
  • Raynaud’s disease, Buerger’s disease


Musculoskeletal system

  • Joint conditions – rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis and other inflammatory and non-inflammatory arthroses – non-active phase
  • Muscular and tendon conditions
  • Posttraumatic conditions
  • Osteoporosis



  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Fatty-acid metabolism disorders
  • Body weight reduction

Highly qualified doctors, kinesitherapists, rehabilitation therapists, nurses and other medical specialists are ready to provide the best services in the specialised rooms for functional diagnostics of the cardiovascular and nervous systems at the hospital. 


Zdrave Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital has:

  • a room for functional diagnostics of the cardiovascular system
  • a veloergometry room, electrocardiography, an echocardiography room equipped with a Doppler for abdominal echography
  • a room for functional diagnostics of the nervous system
  • Electromyography
  • A Doppler room for extra- and intracranial vessels
  • Vessel Doppler rooms
  • An X-ray room
  • clinical laboratory